AI-assisted coding for data science
Derive insights from your data faster


Cogram uses artificial intelligence to give you code suggestions in Jupyter Notebook.

Loved by data scientists

Cogram—a Codex-powered tool that stops you from needing to constantly look up data science code (main reason I lose patience with data science myself!), letting you "focus on the problems that matter".

Greg Brockman

This demo looks quite compelling, and I like the low-key UX approach taken - type prompt in plain comments...It will be interesting to explore how they can support/automate the more routine tasks and allow us to use our brain to actually better think about questions & data...

Fernando Pérez

...a smart and well thought out symbiosis between man and machine might be happening in the context of code writing…

Lucas Soares
Machine Learning Engineer

Cogram: A Coding Assistant for Data Science and Machine Learning by @LucasEnkrateia

Towards Data Science

Why use Cogram?

Intelligent code suggestions

Cogram helps you write great code, fast, by making code suggestions from comments or existing code. Forget Googling "How to's" or Stack Overflow.

Learns from your code

Cogram is context aware, and reuses code you've already written. The more code you write with Cogram, the better Cogram’s code suggestions get.

Knows your team's codebase

For teams, Cogram can learn from your code repository to make use of existing code, such as utility functions and coding style. Get up to speed faster on a new codebase, and onboard new team members faster.

Use cases

Cogram supports Python and Julia in Jupyter Notebook - some of the most common languages in data science.

Routine code

Don’t waste time on routine code. Open and save files, work with dictionaries, get files in a directory or manipulate data structures -- Cogram has you covered, for all common Python libraries.

Data analysis and Machine learning

Analyse your data with Cogram and your favorite libraries, such as Pandas, Scipy or TensorFlow. Skip looking up documentation and stay in flow.


Create beautiful visualisations, fast -- and customise them in plain language. Cogram knows libraries like Matplotlib, Plotly or Seaborn.