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Cogram uses AI to take notes in virtual meetings, track action items, and automate downstream tasks, while keeping your data private and secure.
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“Cogram changed our hiring plan – what's more transformative than that?”

How A Leading Agency in the UK Increased Output and Lowered Overhead with Cogram
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Catch-up with Andrew

13.01.2023, 17:00 (ET) | Zoom
Oscar Maine

We'll share an overview deck with your team this week. Please have your colleagues take a look at it.

Jane Wilde

Thanks Oscar. Do you have a timeline for setting up an integration with our ERP?

Oscar Maine

Sure, I'll get back to you on that.


Jane Wilde and Oscar Maine discuss a software tool for procurement optimisation. They align on steps required for approval. Jane asks about ERP support.

Action Items:

Share overview deck with Jane Wilde. Assignee: Oscar Maine

Check timeline for ERP support. Assignee: Oscar Maine

Use Case

Sales, Business Development, and Customer Success

Don't get distracted by writing notes, focus on understanding your lead or customer.
Track action items
Create actionable follow-ups
Sync key information to your CRM
Use Case

Project Management

Beat deadlines
Automatically track action items and decisions to stay on top of  key initiatives.
Prevent misalignment and disputes
Ensure everyone is accountable and on the same page. Prevent costly disputes or misunderstandings.
Control costs
Saves costs by reducing need for additional resources. Ensure project managers have the information they need to allocate resources efficiently.


Weekly check-in
20.01.2023 | 13:30 MST
Weekly check-in
Weekly check-in
Catch-up with Andrew
Use Case

Enterprise Efficiency

Have fewer, smaller, meetings, and ensure that meetings are accountable and have clear outcomes.
Create custom meeting summaries
Automate recaps for all group meetings in your organization
Identify action items and assignees
Why Cogram is unique

Intelligent, Discreet.

Don't search through hour-long, messy transcripts or recordings. Get actionable insights, fast.
Cogram automatically identifies key decisions, agreements, and next steps in meetings.
Don't make meeting participants uncomfortable or guarded by recording.
Cogram does not create audio or video recordings of meetings.
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For teams that meet at scale

Automatic Minutes, Action Items, and Summaries
Cogram uses state-of-the-art AI that powers tools like ChatGPT to generate topical meeting minutes, identify and assign action items, and summarise your meetings.
Action Items
Share overview deck with Jane Wilde
Oscar Maine
Check timeline for ERP support
Jane Wilde
Custom Instructions
Draft a follow-up email, thanking everyone for their time, recapping key points from the meeting, and outlining next steps.
Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to meet earlier today. As discussed I'd like to recap the key points from our call....
Customizable Meeting Insights
Every business, team, and meeting can be unique. Customise the information Cogram tracks in meetings. Generate detailed summaries or concise executive recaps, identify sales insights and key questions, or draft follow-up emails and agendas.
Seamless Integrations
Cogram works where you meet, and is lightweight and intuitive to use. Add Cogram to meetings in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or upload audio recordings for processing. Cogram follows up automatically after meetings via email and integrates with your calendar.

Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out for custom integrations.
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • Email
Be faster and more efficient than the competition with Cogram's artificial intelligence.

We're selective in who we partner with. This enables us to provide exceptional, high-touch support to every customer. Cogram's dedicated customer success managers have deep experience in helping companies ranging from startups to large enterprises adopt artificial intelligence solutions.

Scaling Operations at Prolific

"We're all doing 50 different things at once. They're all due yesterday. Cogram just takes away that stress of trying to remember what's going on here and what's going on there. It just makes things a lot quicker and lets you do more."

Ian Lyon - Scaling Operations at Prolific


The trusted tool for automatic meeting notes

An emphasis on trust and privacy

No audio or video recordings of meetings are stored.
Dedicated Enterprise Instance or Private Cloud Deployment
Cogram can be deployed in enterprise private cloud environments on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud.
Enterprise Security
Cogram meets enterprise IT requirements such as multi-factor authentication or SSO to keep user accounts secure.
High-quality Support
Fast, human support. Customer success resources and customer-based SLAs.
GDPR Compliance
Optional complete data processing and data storage in the European Union.
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