Empower anyone on your team to access data

Get data and business insights without writing SQL. Cogram translates plain English into database queries.

MongoDB support to be released in beta. Learn more.


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Cogram—a Codex-powered tool that stops you from needing to constantly look up data science code (main reason I lose patience with data science myself!), letting you "focus on the problems that matter".

Greg Brockman

This demo looks quite compelling, and I like the low-key UX approach taken - type prompt in plain comments...It will be interesting to explore how they can support/automate the more routine tasks and allow us to use our brain to actually better think about questions & data...

Fernando Pérez

...a smart and well thought out symbiosis between man and machine might be happening in the context of code writing…

Lucas Soares
Machine Learning Engineer

Cogram: A Coding Assistant for Data Science and Machine Learning by @LucasEnkrateia

Towards Data Science

Get the data you need, fast

Don't waste time writing SQL. Get the data you need with queries in plain English. Cogram uses AI to translate natural language into SQL. Minimal setup required.

Self-serve data access

Let anyone in your organisation retrieve the data they need, and free up your analytics team to focus on the hard stuff. Product, Sales or Marketing can get custom insights in seconds - reduce the backlog for your Analytics team.

Cogram brings the flexibility of SQL queries to business users, enabling custom insights that no dashboard or BI tool can provide.

Connects with everything

Support for all major databases. If you're looking for a custom integration, please reach out.

Enterprise features

Single sign-on
Authenticate your users through your SSO system for maximum security

Access control
Control who can write and view queries, with customisable permissions

Customer success resources and customer-based SLAs

Log queries and see how Cogram performs for your team

Cogram meets the requirements of enterprise IT environments, provides features to enable team collaboration, and guarantees dedicated support.