Augmenting teams with artificial intelligence

Cogram is a productivity platform that automates work by integrating AI language models with team communications. Cogram supports customers ranging from small research labs, architects, and non-profits, to global consulting firms and Fortune 500s with over 10,000 staff.

Come work with us

We believe that small, winning teams can achieve outsize results—especially in the age of AI—and we consistently beat competitors 10x our size. We’re looking for people with skill, curiosity, ambition, and compassion.

We’re big believers in a remote-first culture and diverse teams. We seek perspectives from people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken extraordinary twists and turns or you have overcome personal challenges.

At Cogram, you have a unique opportunity to work on the future of human–AI collaboration. If that sounds interesting we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or click below for open roles.

A new kind of software

Too often, work feels broken. Hours of back-to-back meetings and a flood of emails and chats make it impossible to find time for high-impact, meaningful work—to help customers, to build product, to engineer, or to discover. Like you, we know that feeling well. That’s why we created Cogram.

We think software should be simple, for a functional, instinctive experience. No fluff - just what you need.

Artificial intelligence is changing software, making it adaptable and giving it the ability to learn. As for humans, having context is essential for learning and understanding. That means integrating information from all the key tools you use. Cogram builds on that paradigm.

We're creating software that can work with you and grow with you. Software that is more human.