Document meetings at scale. Drive efficiency.

Meetings without documented outcomes tie up resources without accountability. Cogram automates meeting documentation across your organization to drive efficiency.
From S&P 500 enterprises to top-10 law and consulting firms - the world's most effective organizations use Cogram to optimize operations and drive outcomes.
Meetings that lack documented, actionable outcomes can cost millions at scale
2-6 hrs / day
Average time staff spend in meetings
>$20k / year
Per staff annual meeting cost-equivalent
Assuming average earnings of $40/hour
Cogram Enterprise

An intelligent Operating System
for your organization

Enterprise features


At enterprise-scale meetings occur in different settings.
Support for all major meeting platforms
Cogram is a platform-agnostic solution that integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
Hybrid meetings
Cogram supports hybrid meetings, where two or more participants join from a physical conference room.
Automation and seamless integrations
Automatically schedule Cogram to document meetings through calendar integrations, and share meetings write-ups with organizers via email.

Manage Integrations

Platform Integrations:


Microsoft Teams

Google Meet

Calendar and Email:








Administration Settings

Account: Quantum Industries Inc.

General Overview:

Active Users

Data Retention

Restrict to internal meetings

Last month's usage


30 days


257,952 hours

Enterprise features

Fine-grained control and customization

Cogram gives you fine-grained control over which meetings are automatically documented. Configure Cogram from a centralized administration dashboard.
Control which meetings Cogram automatically documents based on the number of participants
Customize Cogram on an organization-, group-wide, or individual user level
Role-based Access Control (RBAC): manage members and their permissions in your organization with different roles
Restrict Cogram to internal or external meetings

Security and Privacy Controls

Account: Quantum Industries Inc.

Security Overview:


Data Retention

Temporary transcription (no storage)

Click to off-board users

30 days


Enterprise features

Security and Privacy

Dedicated Enterprise Instance or Private Cloud Deployment
Cogram can be deployed in enterprise private cloud environments on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud.
Secure authentication
Cogram supports multi-factor authentication (2FA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).
SOC2 compliant
Industry standard security and organizational policies, including transport Layer Security (TLS) for in-transit and AES-256 for at-rest encryption of data.
Temporary transcription
No audio or video recordings are created. Optionally configure Cogram for temporary transcription to avoid storing verbatim records of meetings.
Time on meeting notes and follow-ups
ROI with Cogram
Assuming avg. earnings of $40/hour per staff

Unlock Business Insights

Cogram's automatic meeting documentation unlocks business insights at the scale of teams or the entire organization.

Use Cogram to identify common customer concerns, track progress on key company initiatives, or draft quarterly updates automatically. Make decisions grounded in data.

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